Samuel Lindup Exhibition

Landed By Samuel Lindup 

Samuel Lindup has a lifelong relationship with drawing. He received a BA(hons) in drawing for Fine Art Practice and has an extensive portfolio of diverse commissions.

Artist Statement

‘Landed’ is a follow up from the ‘Full of Life’ exhibition, where I created imaginary solar systems collaborating with glass artist Alex Compton. For the next part of this journey, I explored the idea of space travel, finding other planets like our own, imagining the similarities of their native artifacts to Earth’s, and discovering cave paintings from old civilizations. And so, we ask these questions: Did these Planets have religion, and how did it affect them? Was itmanifested in their primal artwork, and would it have split civilizations apart by their differences?

Was nature more connected in these worlds, and did the inhabitants listen to what it had to say…? With this in mind, ‘Landed’ emphasizes how important it is to fix our world by looking at others.