Polly Luce

23rd August - 11th September

About the Artist

I am an abstract expressive painter based in Bristol, South West England. Passionate about colour, light, texture and mark making, I draw inspiration predominantly from landscapes and the elements. Using a variety of mixed media, my paintings seek to capture a fleeting moment or emotion while celebrating the joy of gestural mark making. My approach is largely intuitive; the paintings unfold and develop almost of their own accord and I aim to invite the viewer to find an emotional connection within the painting. 

I am a huge fan of the Abstract Expressionist movement in mid twentieth century America and draw inspiration from artists of this period. I also enjoy the juxtaposition between quite a physical and expressive painting process and more contemplative elements of deep calm within a painting. I seek to use both processes in my work and a painting will often begin in a very gestural way before gradually finding a resolution with softer, more considered marks.

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