Mark Fearbunce - Untitled: work in process

Procrastination is part of the creative process. One tidies and organises to avoid the tricky business of making art. It does, however, allow time
for thinking and space for things to begin to happen. On completing the construction of a new studio space in a barn, I found myself in this position. I
painted the walls white again, and the floor grey. A little more sanding, a little
more dusting. Then what? The paint brushes and rollers, the sticks used for
stirring paint and the empty tubs of emulsion became objects of my interest. The chores around the building and maintenance of the studio are necessary for the art to happen. So they too are a part of the making of art, just as putting a brush to canvas. I began to think of these methodical acts of cleaning and preparation as rituals enabling the creation of art, but more than that, becoming the art themselves. Just as art is ‘activated’ by being in a gallery, then
art is happening within any action in the studio. As the studio became increasingly self referential, so too did the residue of the barn, the space that preceded the studio. I began to think of this as my barn residency, where I was responding to, and using the things around me. Using found objects in the strictest sense of not being sourced, just found. The objects have had
past lives, have been repurposed, and will have a future existence too. The art resides in the processes of which they were a part. The resulting objects, therefore, are evidence of art having happened, more so than being objects of art in a final state. The exhibition Untitled: Work in Process (Working Title) is the culmination of this barn-residency and explores the relationship between artist, art, process and space. Untitled: Work in Process (Working Title) is on show at
The Art Cohort, Chelsea Road, Bath from 14th June to 2nd July