Lou Baker - Social Knitwork

1st May - 7th June 2021

Social Knitwork is a collaborative project between The Art Cohort and artist Lou Baker, supported by Bath Spa University's Harbutt Fund. The project focuses on how art can be used to build connections between local communities after the extended isolation of lockdown.

Lou Baker will create a web-like installation in The Art Cohort Exhibition Space, drawing in space with wool.

Knitting transforms a line into a network of multiple connections; Lou Baker will be in residence during the exhibition, knitting and adding to the installation which will develop throughout the month of May inside the Artspace, making visible those growing connections. Visitors will see the installation grow like an organic body day by day.

During the exhibition a number of outdoor installation sites will be set up in Bath, near The Art Cohort. Members of the public, walkers, families, neighbours and passers-by are invited to add their thoughts and objects to the installations physically the next time they pass that way or send messages virtually via social media which we will add. The location of the external sites will enable a walking tour of these temporary art installations.

A ‘Making Space’ with art materials will be accessible to the public at The Art Cohort throughout the exhibition to make something to add to the installations.

We invite you to become part of an ongoing socially distanced ‘conversation’, sharing ways we can work together to develop creative strategies for recovery and regeneration as we move beyond the ‘new normal’ of the pandemic.