HEAD ||| SPACE - 12 - 29th April 2021

As we prepare to reopen to the public next week on Monday 12th April it feels joyous to announce our first public exhibition in many months.

HEAD ||| SPACE the exhibition features artwork by Rachel Heard, Ru Adie and Charlotte Farmer, and handmade craft by @one_womanandherdog.

Rachel Heard is an artist whose work mainly focuses around our human relationship with the natural world. Heard’s process involves pouring paint and tiliting the canvas to create organic pattern in mark making, using diluted paint to describe natural form and growth.

Ru Adie is a mixed media artist whose work looks to create a place of calm, aiming to transform the atmosphere of a space into one that resonates harmony and sanctuary. To achieve this she uses undemanding shapes, soothing colour tones, and gold leaf which radiates a reflective rich glow of warm light. The central circles in the composition echo the universal symbol of wholeness and serenity. Inviting the eye to roam freely around the curves, while the use of a central horizontal line offers an area of structure, stability and rest.

Charlotte Farmer is a screen printer and illustrator with a love of colour and fine detail. The screen prints she creates often involve collections of things, like ice creams and animals. Farmer loves collections because of the way they bring together unexpected combinations of objects and characters.

Reflecting on the simple coping strategies we have all adopted in an uncertain world, exploring peace and serenity as an aesthetic in the visual arts and examining the energetic balance to navigate as we emerge from a pandemic-induced hibernation.

Visit the Exhibition at The Art Cohort, 13 Chelsea Road, Bath from 12-29th April 2021.

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