Cadi Froehlich - Come Together Sculptures and Ceramics

Come together
After the last 2 years of separation and digital connection, Cadi Froehlich presents a show which celebrates the shared wisdoms, the support and the technology which have got us through. 
As we come together once again, these small pleasures make up a large whole of interconnectivity and reciprocity.
Cadi Froehlich’s work looks hard and communication and exchange, elevating the material network to center stage- currently represented by thoughts about silica which makes up silicon chips and is also present in ceramics. 
Connections and cables, circuits and networks are rendered in traditional slipware inspired by traditions continued over hundreds of years and across cultures. 
In making objects which invite participatory use whilst existing as celebrated objects, Cadi hopes that many more converstations will be shared over and through her work.

Recent exhibitions include In Plain Sight, Thelma Hurbert Honiton, Miniscule, Venice, In the Dark, London, PROTOCOL,  The London Group at St IvesThe Mesh at Watermans in London, and Shoreham Sculpture Trail.

Cadi Froehlich is a member of the London Group, and was a recipient of the London Group Members Prize 2016.

Previous awards include the Red Mansion Prize 2015,  AxisWeb MAStars 2013 and a Jerwood Drawing Prize  2010.

Cadi Froehlich holds an MA in Fine Art from UAL Camberwell and Chelsea, a degree in Fine Art from Brighton, and graduated with honours from Los Altos college, California.